Lone Eagle Brewing Blog

Construction has started!

With our architectural plans complete, we thought it would take a while to get the green light to start construction.  Thanks to the town engineers, we are tackling this project piece by piece so we were able to start installing the plumbing that will go under the concrete slab... and there is a lot.  The trench drain was installed (this goes right down the middle of our brewing area), our solids interceptor was procured and installed (that is a story in of itself).  Bathrooms and bar areas plumbed.  The floor is all dug up as you can see. 

With a little luck we will pass inspection on Thursday (3/3) and start the grading process.  We need to pull out some gravel where our cold room is being installed.  One really great thing about not having an existing slab is that we get to put in what we need.  So we are insulating all around the cold room to build a very tight and effecient room to keep our beer at just the right temperature.

One more exciting piece of news is that our first piece of equipment has arrived.  Our Glycol chiller.  I'm working with the manufacurer to properly design the pipe layout not only for our initial equipment layout but for our planned tank expansion.

I plan on posting next update after the concrete is poured.