Lone Eagle Brewing Blog

Cellar Tanks

A big day today as our cellaring tanks arrived.  We received our 20 BBL Hot Liquor Tank, 20 and 10 BBL Fermenters, 20 BBL jacketed brte tank and 6 - 10 BBL serving tanks. 11 tanks in all.  It took a good portion of the day unloading the tanks.  Our crew did an amazing job in unloading the tanks.

Since our building is not quite done, we are storing all the tanks in our cold room.  We had to remove the top of our cold room door to fit the tanks.  Good thing we didn't finsih our cold room yet.  We a bit of packing, we got all the tanks to fit.

Our brew house arrives next week and it will be interesting to see where we can store it while we finish the interior.  Hopefully by the end of this week we will finish the rough out so we can move onto insulating the building.