Lone Eagle Brewing Blog

Lone Eagle Brewing Blog -- Our First Entry

Welcome to our Lone Eagle Brewing Blog.  On a weekly basis (give or take) we will be updating our blog so you can follow along with our brewery build out.  This will provide a bit more detail than our summary blog page.

We can't begin to tell you how excited we are to start the build out, construct our brewery, install all the equipment and actually start brewing beer.  I know we are a little ways off but there is a ton of work to do.  As we actually get closer to brewing, we'll be bring you some very exciting and interesting news about how you can get engaged in our process.

Here's where we are... Our lease is signed; we have a variance from Flemington Borough to brew beer at this location; our equipment is on order and will start to arrive in February; we've come up with a name and now we are in the stages of developing a logo.

In addition to the above, we designed the layout of where our equipment, bars (yes that is plural), cold room, storage and all the other items necessary to open.

If you take note of the photos you will see we have an awesome loft.  The loft will serve as overflow serving/seating and will be available to reserve for private events. There will be serving taps in both rooms.  Across the entire loft, looking down over the brewery and tasting area, you can sit down, relax and watch the world go by as you sample the various beers we will have on tap.

Building a brewery takes a bit of capital.  To keep our costs in check, we are going to be engineering and building out certain parts of the brewery ourselves.  We'll share what we are doing on this blog.  If you're into building stuff or simply interested how others build stuff, then simply follow our blog.

One of the items currently being engineering is our cold room.  A commercial cold room of the size we are looking to start with is quite expensive.  We're going to build an effective cold room at a fraction of the cost.  We're going to build a remote temperature monitor so we will always know the temperature of the room no matter where we are.