Lone Eagle Brewing Blog

Foam Delivered

A couple of key things happened since our last post.  One of our key milestones has been reached in obtaining our final plans from our architect.  We are in final review and hope to nail down all key items with our builder this weekend.  Once we do that, permits will be filed and hopefully we can actually begin our constructions.  As you can see from our photos, the building is a shell at this point. Hopefully with in the next few weeks we can start bringing you updates or the actual build out.

In preparation for our buildout, we have already ordered a couple of items.  Trench drains have arrived and once we get approval we will begin installing them.  These drains are awesome and since there is currently no slab in place we can design and engineer the slope for correct drainage in the brewing and serving tank area.  Having done a bit of research, we have decided to build our own walk in cooler.  This is going to save us a lot of money.  We were not fortunate to find a used walk in cooler of the size we are looking to start with.  So we are building our own 20' x 25' walk in cooler.  And since the concrete has not yet been poured, we have a great opportunity to insulate the concrete slab creating a very efficient cool box.

We'd like to thank our good friends Dave S., Bart F., John K. and Dave H. for helping unload the foam material from the delivery truck and hauling it into our loft.  I need to give a big shout out to Universal Foam for working with us and designing and cutting the foam to spec.  Everything is well labeled and ready for installation.  This will be a fun 3D puzzle to put together.