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Lone Eagle Brewing 1st Year Anniversary

Lone Eagle Brewing celebrated it's first year anniversary this past weekend with a new beer, a new firkin and breaking out an old favorite.  The celebration started Friday afternoon and continued through Saturday.  

A special thanks to all of our friends who came out to show their support along with congratulatory well wishes.  Our first year has exceeded our expectations beyond what we could have imagined.  Support from Flemington has been nothing short of amazing.  We are very much looking forward to providing great beer, in a great environment while being served by an awesome staff.

Lone Eagle Canning

This week we canned our Craison Cranberry Saison for the first time. In total we have canned 4 of our beers, Turkey Trot Porter, Maiden Flight West Coast IPA, 007 Rye Pale Ale and Craison Cranberry Saison. Thanks to Tripod Canning, a full service mobile canning company, we are able to can in house.

Canning vs Bottling. Why cans and not bottles? Well there are many benefits to cans. Cans are easier to transport and keep the beer fresher longer. Cans are completely airtight and keep out all light, so the beer never gets tainted. Our most recent canning was a little over 200 cases.


Another benefit of cans is that it allows for easier distribution. You can currently find our cans at the following liquor stores:

Little Brothers Outlet- Flemington

Central Wine Merchants- Flemington

Gerards Liquors- Point Pleasant

Mountain Valley Liquor- Washington

Stirling Fine Wines- Stirling

Petrocks- Hillsborough


Be on the lookout for our next canning in early May. We will be canning the American Pale Ale and West Coast IPA.


Coming of Aged, Imperial Golden Stout

It all started 5 months ago with 4 bourbon barrels, 2 Four Roses and 2 Wild Turkey.

Brewer, Alex Franko wanted to create an unique barrel aged beer, that would be our first bottle release.


This full bodied stout was brewed without any dark malts. Then it was aged in bourbon barrels on coffee beans, cocoa nibs (from the Flemington Fudge Shop) and chicory root. By using these ingredients it allowed the beer to have all the notes a traditional stout but without the dark color.


After 2 and ½  months of the beer aging in the barrels it was time to rack the beer into the bright tank. In the bright tank the beer is cooled, carbonated and any leftover solids are separated from the finished beer.

The resulting beer is a golden full bodied, abv of 9.1% stout that has notes of chocolate, roast, bourbon, and coffee. This is available on tap, as well as 22 oz bottles in limited quantities. This beer is ready to drink now or can be aged.



Opening Weekend

What a weekend indeed.  Sorry for such a delay in adding to our blog but we have been so busy putting on the finishing touches to allow us to open.  We started with friends and family last Tuesday followed by inviting all those who signed up for our news letter.  We opened our doors to the public for Thursday night lights where we hit our occupancy capacity and had to have folks wait outside for a bit.  Fortunately the line moved at a steady pace and people did not have to wait too long.  

Sheet Rock

The sheet rockers started a week ago.  The put up all the sheet rock (except where our equipment is in the garage area) in 2 days.  There were some long pieces of sheet rock.  The spackling took a bit longer.  Cool rainy days took the spackle a bit longer to dry.  Watching them install the sheet rock in the arch way was amazing.  While this was going on we started building the bathroom partitions.  In keeping with farm house theme, we have come up with a really cool idea on how to build the partitions.  You'll have to come in to see them once we are open.


We were getting quite anxious trying to figure out when we were going to get power delivered to our building.  There was a pole just outside our building; however, we need 3 phase power.  This means we needed a new pole along with new transformers.  Lot's of calls and showing up at the locat JCP&L office helped move this along.  Once the order was created, JCP&L team delivered.  It was amazing to watch them install a new phone pole.  It took the crew a little over an hour and the pole was up.  We now need to dig a trench from the building to the pole, run conduit and we will have power.  Nice!


Insulation started on Monday and should be finished by Thursday.  What a difference it makes.  Next week, the sheetrock goes up.  With a little luck, we may even get electricity before we open. Progress.

Brew House Arrives

Our brew house arrived along with our mill, clean in place system, transfer pump, auger, auger tubing and a whole lot of other items.  Once the sheet rock is finished and painted, we wil move the equipment to its desired location and start installing it.  

Cellar Tanks

A big day today as our cellaring tanks arrived.  We received our 20 BBL Hot Liquor Tank, 20 and 10 BBL Fermenters, 20 BBL jacketed brte tank and 6 - 10 BBL serving tanks. 11 tanks in all.  It took a good portion of the day unloading the tanks.  Our crew did an amazing job in unloading the tanks.

Tiling the Brewing Area

We are installing the quarry tile ourselves.  The trench drain has been a great line to build out from.  This has taken us much longer than we originally thought.  We purchased the rough surface on the tiles while will be great in preventing slips it is chewing up my hands.  Sealing and expory grouting are next.  We certainly can't wait for this part of the project to be complete.  I really need a beer after this part.

Steam Boiler Arrives

Our steam boiler arrived.  It fits nicely on the raised concrete slab we poured for it.  Since the boild arrived pre-assembled, the front portion was a bit larger than anticipated.  Daryl and his crew, Bruce, Louis and Freddy did an amazing job in getting this moved into position.  This thing on the pallet came in at around 1,875 lbs.  It is a beast.  Hopefull laying the tile around this won't be too much of an issue.

Framing Begins

Now that the concrete slab is in place, the interior framing has begun.  The downstairs walls are pretty much in place.  We need to special order some of the pieces to fill in where the stairs were initially intended.  Since we are moving the stairs to the left side of the building, we need to cut out some of the loft and build a platform.  Additional support is also needed for the HVAC units and support for our auger tube and motor.  Framing around the cold box is almost done.  Once that is complete, we will install the cold box walls.

Things are moving very quickly.

The Concrete Pour

This was no ordinary pour.  We have lots of pitches and slopes designed into the floor.  The floor in the brewing area needs to slope into the trench drain.  The floor in the cold room needs to slope to the center where there is a floor drain.  The floor in the garage area needs to slope into the floor drain in the center.  The rest needs to be at a specific height (all the same).  To add to the complexity we need to account for 1/2 inch quarry tile we are planning to install in the brewing area.  I can't tell you how thankful we are having found Don Baker and his crew.  I was amazed at how they solved all the challenges we threw at them.  The entire slab is about 85% complete and it looks absolutely amazing.  Watching this team prepare and perform the pour was simply amazing.  Don Baker and his team rock!

Preparing for our Cold Room

We are building our own 20 ft x 25 ft cold room.  After lots of research, we found we could build this out much more cost effectively than buying a comercial walking box of this size. Since the foundation was not poured, we had a great opportunity to insulate both the floor and the walls of the cold box.  Thanks to the good folks at Universal Foam for cutting the foam to spec.  This was a great 3D puzzle and the way we installed the foam, we were able to over lap the seams for a much tighter insulation.  I was amazed at the high density foam.  We set up the rebar and got it ready for the pour.  Six inches of concrete with rebar should be sufficient in holding our serving tanks.

Preparing for the concrete pour

I am amazed how ofter gravel is moved in and out.  Leveling and then digging all in setting plumbing for all the drains.  The trench drain was put in place while I was away.  Getting the plumbing right is extremely important.  Once we pour the concrete slab, there's not going back.  

Temporary Signs

A couple of very good temporary signs came through.  We received our building permits a couple of weeks ago and our banner came in.  The banner is for when are out and about marketing our beer but we are using it as temporary signage on our building

Construction has started!

While I was away enjoying the sun and warm weather in Florida, Todd had to man the fort and deal with all the preliminary construction questions.  Much to our surprise and delight, we were able to move forward with construction.  I have to compliment the town engineers for being so helpful in allowing us to move so quickly.

Not only did we start construction, our first piece of equipment arrived.  There has been lots of activity at the brewery this past week.  Once the concrete slab is poured, the real craziness will begin.  I can't tell you how exicted we are to finally get going on this.

Foam Delivered

A couple of updates this week.  First our rigid foam was deliver and now stacked in our loft.  Secondly, our drawings are done and in final review.  With that we can submit permits for actual construction.  Things should start picking up at this point.

Waiting for our final drawings.

We are awaiting our final drawings from our archtiect so we can submit to the town engineer for approval.  While we are waiting, we got our website updated and finalized our logo.  The forms on the website are now connected to our database.  We will continue to update the website as we move forward.

We'll start working on our mobile app.  Oh yeah, we're going to have a mobile app that is going to be very interactive with the brewery.  Very cool, very exicting and will certainly be available when we open.

Lone Eagle Brewing Blog -- Our First Entry

Welcome to our Lone Eagle Brewing Blog.  On a weekly basis (give or take) we will be updating our blog so you can follow along with our brewery build out.

We can't begin to tell you how excited we are to start the build out, construct our brewery, install all the equipment and actually start brewing beer.  I know we are a little ways off but there is a ton of work to do.

Here's where we are... Our lease is signed; we have a variance from Flemington Borough to brew beer at this location; our equipment is on order and will start to arrive in February; we've come up with a name and now we are in the stages of developing a logo.

In addition to the above, we designed the layout of where our equipment, bars (yes that is plural), cold room, storage and all the other items necessary to open.

If you take note of the photos you will see we have an awesome loft.  The loft will serve as overflow serving/seating and will be available to reserve for private events.

One of the requirements for serving beer in our facility, we must conduct tours.  In order to enjoy a tasting, everyone must take a tour of the brewery.